Extreme Duty (XMD)

IDEAL Extreme Duty (XMD) Disc Brake Pads are made for challenging driving conditions for fleet and heavy duty vehicles. This high carbon-content metallic pad is ideal for towing, fleet, emergency vehicles, SUVs, and light to medium trucking applications. The XMD allows for aggressive braking and longer life cycles in high heat environments, while maintaining excellent drivability. The ultimate brake pad for life, performance, and quiet operation.

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TCD is the formula for you! IDEAL True Ceramic offers quiet, clean and calm braking performance great for daily driving!

PMD is the formula for you! IDEAL Premium Metallic is our road proven performer with more than a decade of safe stops!

XMD is the formula for you! IDEAL Xtreme Duty provides the best stopping power and the longest pad life, perfect for your hard working vehicle!

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